About Katmeleon Jewellery - Handmaking Jewellery In Cape Town Since 2016

Katmeleon Jewellery is a Cape Town-based jewellery studio run by me - independent jeweller and artist, Katharina Barth. Katmeleon Jewellery has been selling handmade jewellery since 2016, the year I initially began my independent jewellery manufacturing studio. 

I obtained my degree in Jewellery Design and Manufacturing at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town, before that I graduated from Constantia Waldorf School.

Inspired by my love of nature, plants, the Art Deco period and Frida Kahlo my jewellery design is best known for its quirk and playfulness. My style maintains elegance while still holding true to my fun nature. Owning jewellery designed by me is truly owning a piece of art.

Over the years I have refined my manufacturing process but retained a unique, one-of-a-kind quality with every piece I create. Our differences are what make us unique and special!

Why 'Katmeleon' Jewellery?

"Katmeleon" is a combination of my name and 'chameleon'. I reflect the colourful chameleon's ever-changing colour and intricate form in my jewellery design. I consider the cute chameleon my spirit animal and the mascot for my jewellery studio.

More About the Studio.

I run all aspects of the studio, from business and marketing to design & manufacturing. I aim to keep that 'personal touch' in every part of my work. When you contact the 'Katmeleon team' you are probably talking to me!

I am always eager to collaborate with other creatives and grow my creative network.

The studio and workshop is based in Woodstock, Cape Town. I always welcome visitors as long as an appointment has been made.

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