About us

Handmade in the heart of Cape Town.

The Story

Katmeleon Jewellery is the brainchild of Cape Town jewellery designer and artist Katharina Barth. Kat's passion for all things bejewelled was ignited when she took Jewellery as a subject in high school. She went on to study Jewellery Design and Manufacture at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town and now runs her own business in the trendy Gardens area of the Mother City.
Her style is playful and elegant and many of her pieces are inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds Cape Town. She's also inspired by Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.

Special Orders

At Katmeleon Jewellery, we often receive requests to do special orders for designs out of the ordinary from our standard product lines. Below are a few innovative pieces designed for clients in the past. It was rewarding to see their delight and satisfaction when receiving their singular order.

Passionate about Creating Art

This is where each piece is carefully hand manufactured.We pride ourselves in delivering top quality jewellery that makes the wearer feel unique. With great passion and perseverance Katmeleon Jewellery aims to create a distinctive experience when buying our jewellery.



Multi-faceted one woman team

Kat   -  designer

Designing Jewellery is one of the best parts. I draw inspiration from my vast plant collection at home and my watercolour drawings I do for fun. Sometimes it's easier to just make the piece in metal from the get go, other times it needs to be drawn and worked out before making the final product.

Kat   -  manufacturer

This is my favourite part. I love working with my hands and seeing my imagination come to life. It takes a lot of patience and determination to get to the final product. Jewellery making is a deep labour of love and demands a passion for excellence. I wouldn't want to be doing anything else.

Kat   -  Founder

My childhood love for chameleons sparked the idea for the name of the brand. Much like my designs and character it resembles the ever changing styles that Katmeleon Jewellery goes through. My love for jewellery first started 12 years ago, it has been a dream come true to make it my profession. 

Kat   -  maker

Paying attention to detail is very important in Jewellery making. It requires a certain type of character to achieve greatness. My desire for the piece to look right isn't always easy as it takes a little longer to finish, but once it's done it will become your pride and joy.